Our Process Technology & Design Philosophy
We have extensive experience and expertise using a wide range of wood and nonwood plant fiber raw materials for the production of a multitude of paper and paperboard products in mills of small to large capacity. It is because of this experience that we can select the right raw materials, production program, processes and plant size to obtain the optimum economic return for a project.

Conceptual development is the most critical phase of any project because all further work is based on these initial concepts. Conceptual development includes selection of technology and equipment to suit plant size and local conditions. With our international experience, we select the most appropriate technology and equipment for each mill from an economic, operational and maintenance point of view. Mills which we design are easy to operate and maintain by local personnel.

Conceptual and process design are important for all mills, and are particularly important in the case of smaller mills. Smaller mills are often considered uneconomical, and this is true if the smaller mill is simply a scaled-down version of a large mill. With our experience in designing many smaller mills, we develop the concepts and process design that permit the construction of profitable smaller mills.

Our objectives are to develop projects with appropriate technology, projects that are easy to operate and maintain and, above all, that are profitable.

Our basic philosophy, that profitability is the most important criteria for each project, is inherent in our approach to all aspects of project design and development. Profitability, not technical sophistication, is the most important feature of good mill design.

If it appears that a proposed project may not be viable, we warn the client well in advance. We then try to find a profitable alternative and, if none can be found, recommend termination of the project at an early date. We believe that there is little profit in preparing detailed studies to arrive at a negative answer and even less in constructing an unprofitable mill.
Straw cutter feed
Straw cutter feed

Tumbling digesters
Tumbling digesters

Chemical recovery plant, Turkey
Chemical recovery plant

Bagasse wet cleaning, Pakistan
Bagasse wet cleaning

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